Written on 22nd June 2018

The Appointment Group partners with Conferma – a new virtual payment solution

At the forefront of travel payments

Virtual Cards are revolutionizing the way every business pays its expenses. As an alternative to issuing company cards or cash advances, this highly secure, highly accountable form of payment has proven a far more cost-effective method.

The Appointment Group (TAG) recognises that arranging payment for corporate travel bookings can sometimes be challenging, that is why we have partnered with Conferma, an international leading virtual payment provider in the travel industry. Conferma’s technology is fully integrated with all the major Global Distribution Systems (GDSs) and its utilised by over 70 online booking tools.

TAG Corporate UK - Managing Director, Shelley Brady, said “For 30 years, TAG has been proud to embrace the latest technology developments. We are experts in our field and we are focused on constantly finding new ways of reducing our clients' overall travel expenditure and saving our customers valuable time”.

Conferma’s virtual payment solutions dramatically reduce the costs and headache of business expenses. They have been innovatively designed for the way you work, helping employees to work simply and productively, whilst benefiting your business by significantly saving resource time and money.

Single-generated transaction numbers eliminate concerns for misuse of credit cards, greatly reducing fraud concerns. This solution is also perfect for travellers providing them with electronic proof of reservation and payment, solving the problem of securely pre-authorizing payment for hotel rooms and other payment needs globally.

The virtual cards Conferma powers are accepted anywhere a plastic card is accepted — and in any currency.  To date, Conferma payments have been accepted by travel merchants in 197 countries.

Please note that Conferma is Level 1 PCI-compliant and ISO 27001-accredited.

For any further information, please contact your dedicated Travel Agent or corporate@appointmentgroup.com

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