Written on 4th April 2018

Eurostar new loyalty programme

Eurostar, the high-speed rail service linking the UK and mainland Europe, announced the launch its new loyalty programme, Club Eurostar in December 2017. Available to leisure and business travellers, the new programme offers more flexibility, additional benefits, and is accessible to all passengers across the world without any fees or qualifying fares.

Comprised of three membership levels, Club Eurostar is designed to benefit all travellers and reward customers for their frequency of travel and spend, as opposed to their class of service.  Plus, for the first time, members will be able to spend points on upgrades, in addition to free tickets and discounted travel without any blackout dates or fees.

Easy to use

With brand new self-service options on the new app launching soon, it will be quick and easy for passengers to manage their loyalty points, view the discounts they are entitled to, and access the lounges without the need for a physical card.

When making a booking, customers will earn 1 point for every £1 spent on tickets and members may spend them on Eurostar travel, upgrades, and ticket discounts in 2018. Avantage and Carte Blanche members will also be able to spend points on a selection of curated products including electronics, fashion accessories, watches, fragrances and travel accessories at the online Club Eurostar Shop.

Club tiers and benefits

Classique and all club levels

  • All new members will join Eurostar as a Classique member
  • Spend points on Eurostar tickets and upgrades
  • Access special offers and discounts from Eurostar and partners
  • Share points with family and friends


  • Attained when members earn 400 points from Eurostar travel or after 5 return journeys in their membership year.
  • Spend points on travel with Rail Team partners*
  • Spend points on gifts on the new online Club Eurostar Shop

Carte Blanche (in addition to above)

  • Attained when members earn 1,800 points from Eurostar travel or after 24 return journeys in their membership year.
  • Use of fast-track check-in
  • Access to Eurostar Business Premier lounges and use of Business Premier ticket office
  • Access to Rail Team Lounges
  • Pre-bookable taxi service
  • Dedicated support

For more information on Club Eurostar or to book Eurostar tickets visit www.eurostar.com

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