Written on 22nd February 2016 by Sam Robson

C&IT Magazine - More than 70% of event planners want to stay in the EU

TAG Global Events in the news  - 22 February 2016

More than 70% of event planners are in favour of Britain staying in the EU, according to a snap poll carried out by C&IT.

This weekend David Cameron announced 23 June as the date for the EU referendum, which is considered one of the biggest political decisions in the last decade. A flash Twitter poll by C&IT, based on the opinions of more than 30 planners, showed that some 73% of industry planners are not in favour of the 'Brexit'.Sam Robson, group events director for global events UK at The Appointment Group, said that being part of Europe meant the events industry could forge better relationships with clients and suppliers. "I don’t think the disruption of leaving would do the events industry any favours. We do a lot of business in Europe and have a large number of European clients. I feel leaving would give the impression that we are no longer part of the same community."Full article: C&IT Magazine

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