Written on 15th March 2016 by Sam Robson

TAG Global Events New York team wins a three-year charity global venue finding contract

In a bid to save time and streamline their global hotel and venue finding processes, the charity’s New York based Procurement Team asked several international event management companies for a cost-effective solution to their challenge.

The Appointment Group’s Technology & Event Specialist, Chris Turner, identified a tailor-made website was integral to the solution and developed a bespoke web-portal listing the countries, security approved hotels and their capacities. Worldwide charity bookers can view, then select their preferred venues and submit their conference requirements. Using The Appointment Group’s global buying power, its staff then place the enquiries and negotiate the best possible costs for the booker.

The charity’s Procurement Manager said: “The Appointment Group’s simple integrated web-portal solution and hotel cost and contract negotiation skills, will save our event bookers both time and money and we are delighted to partner with them on this project”.

Sam Robson, Group Events Director said: “We are excited to be chosen to work on this venture. It expands our range of services and global reach whilst providing a cost-effective solution to the charity”.

For more information on The Appointment Group’s global event management services, please contact the team here.

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