Written on 11th August 2016 by Chris Turner

Virtual reality and event management services of the future

2016 has seen the progression of virtual reality (VR) headsets into mainstream society, and it represents an exciting trend in the events industry. Big players in the technology world have invested in their own custom VR headsets, and many upcoming high-profile tech events are using these as a key part of attendee engagement – watch out for it at the VR World Congress and Tribeca Film Festival, among others.

The optimism surrounding the technology – particularly virtual reality – is noticeable in the global event management industry today. Within a decade, VR could change the face of the event space beyond all recognition, as the possibilities it affords are nothing short of revolutionary. Event planning companies will need to adapt to a new era.

Just imagine a world of virtual events, where you have the capacity to send someone to a totally different place at the push of a button. It might seem a little farfetched right now, but immersive 3D virtual venues are already in development. This represents an exciting opportunity for event management services.

At this very early stage, of course we only have a small insight into what the future might hold for event planning companies, but what can VR bring to the industry?

  1. Use of VR in events management services provides a fully immersive, interactive tool for brand engagement at the push of a button.
  2. Bespoke 3D worlds will transport customers to another world.
  3. This technology can be utilised as a branded marketing and promotional tool.
  4. Vendor engagement could be revolutionised to appeal to attendees in completely different ways – imagine car companies offering virtual test drives of their vehicles, or customers trying on clothes virtually from fashion vendors.


As global event management experts, The Appointment Group (TAG) already offers a range of virtual reality experiences to augment the event experience. TAG can create bespoke branded virtual reality environments, for hosting promotional materials for events, trade shows, product launches and presentations. For the more daring, we also make virtual roller-coasters, mind-controlled games and fear simulators a reality. In short, we are one of the most cutting-edge event planning companies.

VR devices are just one of the exciting technology-based events management services we provide to enhance the experience of guests. TAG utilises the latest technology to create registration websites for effective delegate management, all the way through to robotics, projection mapping and holograms. The opportunities to integrate technology in events are virtually limitless. The experienced TAG Global Events team works closely with pioneering companies to bring the latest technology to your event.

The Appointment Group Global Events’ technology-led global event management services are designed to improve attendee experience and management of your event. You can view the full range of possibilities at tageventstech.com.

For more information on The Appointment Group’s global event management services, please contact the team here.

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