Written on 8th July 2016

The Appointment Film and Media Asia Pacific kicks off with exciting new productions

The Appointment Group Asia Pacific (APAC) region has been very busy with some diverse and interesting TV Productions in the past year and they are finally able to see the fruits of our labour as some of the shows start to filter through on air.

TAG Singapore office started work on 2 documentaries for Beach House Productions as soon as the doors opened:

  1. Wondernesia was a production that savoured the beauty and excitement of travel around Indonesia. It was hosted by Nadya Hutagalung and shown on the TLC Channel in Asia. You can watch the show online now: www.tlcasia.com/tv-shows/wondernesia
  2. The second production took their clients all over the world. This National Geographic Channel show, called Machine Impossible, shows some of the new engineering marvels and inventions coming to life, and once the hosts have dissected them, they try to rebuild them themselves. Their office currently has many other productions taking place in Hong Kong, Borneo, Indonesia and Philippines.

TAG’s Australian office worked on a show for Black Fella Films in 2015, which has recently been on TV to fantastic reviews. DNA Nation took some well-known Australian’s DNA and traced it back generations upon generations (200,000 years) to find out more about their ancestry.  The show travelled to many outback places within Australia and also to Tanzania, Turkey, France, Israel and the UK.

More information or watch the 3 part series on SBS on Demand: www.sbs.com.au/topics/article/dna-nation-about-show

These experiences mixed with current productions of Who Do You Think You Are S8, Body Hack, Living Universe and First Contact S2 is giving TAG a wonderful reputation as the go to travel company for productions going to out of the ordinary places, particularly for documentary film makers in the APAC region.

For further information please contact Alli Pratt, General Manager, TAG Global Film & Media Asia Pacific by e-mail alli.pratt@appointmentgroup.com or telephone +61 413 743 183.

More information on the website www.appointmentgroup.com/tag-global-film-media

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