Written on 9th March 2016

The Appointment Group Film and Media launches in LA

January saw the launch of TAG Film and Media in our Los Angeles office.

In the city that brought fame to once a small community, Hollywood, there was no better place to start. Los Angeles, home to six major film studios, is without a doubt at the epicenter of the film industry.

We are very pleased the first project we were involved in just went into production and hope this is the start of a very prolific market for The Appointment Group. The objective set is to double in size over the next 12 months.

Our Film & Media division was built through the need to service a sector of business that happened organically for us through referrals and word of mouth. We will continue to build the division in this same way whilst increasing brand awareness within this industry via further communication opportunities. We are convinced that the Film and Media division will rapidly gain momentum once we have had the opportunity to demonstrate our level of expertise and service. Our capacity to service clients globally 24/7 with our wholly owned in-house after hour’s services, plus our ability to offer our clients same service, same standards, documentation and knowledge is unparalleled!

The Appointment group is counting on expanding this division with the support of Travel Executive Michelle Morales.

Formerly trained as an accountant she turned her focus to the Travel industry and never looked back. Employed by Delta for over 5 years she dealt with their elite line of clients catering to their every request and learning all about customer service and hard work.

On a personal note, she starting a successful Business club in College that founded various programs intended to help students get on their feet.

As a Travel Executive she will be on the front line, solidifying our relationship with the production companies. More than just booking flights, Michelle will be like an extension of their team ensuring the filming schedule will not be affected and the right people are where they need to be in time. With projects of this size last minute changes are inevitable and will be addressed immediately by the team.

Should you wish to receive further information about The Appointment Group Global Film and Media please contact us here: info.us@appointmentgroup.com

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