Written on 19th September 2016

The Appointment Group launches new intranet to enhance global internal communications

With an eye on the future, one of The Appointment Group’s (TAG) objectives is to continuously re-assess its technology and software offering. We believe technology plays an integral role in the way we service and add value to our clients, this has led TAG to carry out various technologically driven projects in the last 24 months. These projects include, amongst others, the award winning TAG Desktop (global booking and reporting system) and our TAG Global Touring App.

The launch and development of a greater performing intranet is part of our effort to remain on top of the latest software developments and further improve the internal communications between our staff in the UK, US, Asia and Australia.

With our ever growing international operation and portfolio of international accounts, TAG wanted to implement a system that would allow staff from all of our operations to communicate more effectively, share information and collaborate in order to service our clients with even greater efficiency.

The Hub platform will host a variety of built-in Apps. These Apps include a documentation library, file sharing, calendars, forums, newsfeed, blogs and social platforms. All of these applications will allow TAG staff to have access to key information and resources whether at the office or at home, streamline workflows and collaborate with colleagues from all over the world.

[caption id="attachment_17487" align="alignnone" width="850"]The Hub - Homepage The Hub - Homepage[/caption]

Further developments will also include an extranet dedicated to our clients.  In a second phase of the project, TAG will focus its attention on devising a list of key functions and requirements to build a fully optimised and efficient platform for our clients.

Reporting has become of increasing importance. Regardless of the size of the company, clients have started to request greater amounts of data. This stems from both commercial and legislative requirements. TAG certainly has taken note of this development and is therefore keen to provide its clients direct access to a range of services and up to date information. This information will include; management information reporting, invoice creation and traveller tracking. In a market where costs saving, transparency, and corporate social responsibility has become of a paramount importance we want to offer all of these functions to our clients. This allows TAG to focus on what they do best; providing award winning travel solutions for our clients.

Anthony Jeynes, Group Operations Director UK, comments : “The Hub is TAG’s way to update and improve internal business processes and workflows, alongside  empowering teams to work and communicate globally amongst all offices around the world in the US, UK and Asia Pacific. We are confident this new piece of software will have a lasting impact on the way we communicate internally and service our clients in the future”

For any information please contact The Appointment Group at: info.uk@appointmentgroup.com


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