Written on 16th March 2017

The Appointment Group - Safeguarding Female Business Travellers Seminar

Article from Meetpie.com - 14/03/2017

Arriving in daylight hours, knowing your hotel address and wearing non-branded clothes and accessories will help keep women safer while travelling, a seminar on traveller safety has heard.

The practical tips were aimed at helping women feel more confident and become less of a target while travelling by themselves for work, in an education seminar organised by The Appointment Group (TAG).

It comes as research from Maiden Voyage reveals almost one quarter of female business travellers (24 per cent) had suffered some type of negative incident while travelling for work, while 79 per cent say they feel 'underprepared' for such encounters.

Maiden Voyage founder Carolyn Pearson told the seminar that women could abide by a number of rules while travelling to avoid it. She said using non-branded clothing and bags on flights and at airports, and even dressing down with backpacks and trainers, help women blend in, as well as simply buying and carrying a local newspaper. Likewise, choosing hotels with 24/7 reception and knowing the address of your hotel to avoid confusion with taxi drivers also helped.

Pearson warned against regular social media usage which advertise the fact you are going away or where you are staying, adding: "About 75 per cent of thieves say they've stalked out places to rob from social media posts."

Pearson was speaking alongside Alexei Cantacuzene-Speransky (Business Development Director at security firm Rose Partners), Darren Carter (Head of Security at Edwardian Hotels) and Sam Robson (TAG Global Events Director). The seminar took place Monday morning at the Mayfair Hotel.

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Cantacuzene-Speransky said the responsibility for safe travel was shared with all organisers, adding it came down to the traveller.

He warned against Airbnb use, saying: "You're meeting another person who holds a key to that place you're staying in."

Sam Robson said Uber was used at times but never Airbnb: "I think for security of our guests, we would always say hotels are safer."

In the research from Maiden Voyage, of those women who have encountered a 'negative' incident while travelling, more than half of those (51 per cent) were sexual harassment. A further 23 per cent was handbag theft.

The Appointment Group Female Business Travellers Seminar took place on the 13th March 2017 at The May Fair Hotel London.

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