Located in gateway cities throughout the world, EDITION hotels are where you’ll find guests rubbing elbows with locals because there’s no better place to be in the moment. Hotels that feel different because they make you feel something. Hotels that don’t act like hotels.

The desire is to infuse emotion into a check-in/check-out world by bringing each location to life in an intimate, seductive environment.

With a perfect mix of authentic design and gracious, sophisticated personalized service. All created to give guests a feeling of being somewhere so special, it may only be known to them.

Envisioned by Ian Schrager and Marriott International, EDITION is a personal and unique hotel experience, and it is a collaboration that has served staff and guests well. 

The Roof Lounge Area thumbnail.png

The Barcelona EDITION is on the edge of El Born District, beside the Barcelona Cathedral, adjacent to the Santa Caterina Market and steps away from main city beaches.

The London EDITION exterior thumbnail.png

Located in Fitzrovia on the edge of Soho, the London EDITION offers both a reinvention of its landmark building and the luxury hotel experience.