Written on 25th October 2019

Top 10 destinations in the world to celebrate Halloween

With Halloween coming up, we’ve got some amazing places you may want to consider visiting to enjoy the Halloween season. Here are our top 10 cities in the world to celebrate Halloween: 

1.    Salem, Massachusetts, USA

Salem, also known as the “Witch City”, is one of the top destinations in the US for Halloween lovers. The city has an obscure and dark history which piques the interest of thousands of visitors every year. During Halloween, Salem is full of Halloween-themed theatrical productions, carnival rides, psychic fairs, haunted attractions, costume balls and more. One of the most prominent Halloween places to visit is the Witch House on Essex street, famous for belonging to the wealthy Corwin family. Legend has it that Jonathan Corwin (head of the family) was involved in witchcraft for which he was accused and sentenced during the late 17th century.


2.    Transylvania, Romania

Being the home place of Dracula (also known as Vlad Tepes), it is no wonder this is one of the favourite locations in Europe for spooky lovers. One of the best-known landmarks of this city is the Bran Castle, which consists on a 14th century high-class fortress where Count Dracula resided. Dracula is known as the most prominent vampire in history, made famous through Bran Stoker’s 1987 novel. Visitors get the chance to go join a Halloween party inside Dracula’s epic castle and the opportunity to enjoy the amazing view from the hilly city and the colourful houses. 


3.    New Orleans, Louisiana, USA

Another remarkable location in the US to consider visiting for Halloween is New Orleans, Louisiana. During this season, the houses are normally decorated with Halloween items, giving a general spooky vibe. Haunted tours through the French Quarter and other spooky parts of the city are very common. There are also “Voodoo” shops around the town, where visitors can learn about the history behind Marie Laveau, a renowned Voodoo practitioner from New Orleans from the 1800s. Carnival rides, drinks and different line ups can be enjoyed at City Park, where people gather to celebrate the Halloween season. And, if that wasn’t enough, you could also stay at a luxury accommodation near Halloween spots. A good one to consider could be the Maison de la Luz which is just steps away from the French Quarter. 


4.    Amsterdam, The Netherlands

A key spot in Europe to enjoy Halloween is the city of Amsterdam. With its amazing view of canals, cute houses, misty mornings, and dark cold nights, this place makes an ideal location to celebrate the season. Although Amsterdam already has its own version of Halloween celebrated on the 11th of November (Saint Martin), there are still lots of Halloween parties happening around the city between the 29th Oct – 1st November. An honourable mention is the Helter Skelter Hallowen Party at Hard Rock Café, which offers dinner and a drink with the purchase of a ticket. Visitors can also pass by spooky shops such as the Chimera Fantasy Shop, which sells Halloween props and other Halloween-related items. 


5.    Bratislava, Slovakia (All Saints day rather than Halloween)

Bratislava has turned into a big party place for the Halloween season. The city offers several different Halloween events and parties such as the Halloween Party Erasmus Bratislava and the Bratislava International Halloween Party. Bratislava is surrounded by vineyards and mountains which, combined with its misty mornings and pitch-black nights, adds to the Halloween vibe. 


6.    Hong Kong

Although Halloween was almost non-existent in Hong Kong until recently, the city has rapidly embraced the Halloween culture, becoming the “Halloween capital of Asia”. Ghostly scenes and decorations during the season are present, especially in shopping centres and theme parks such as Disneyland and Ocean Park. But what Hong Kong really exceed in during the Halloween season is their fantastic Halloween parties and events. Some honourable mentions are the Lan Kwai Fong Halloween Street Party, Disneyland’s Halloween shows, and the Ocean Park Halloween Fest. 


7.    Londonderry, Ireland

What a better place to celebrate the Halloween season than where it originated? Yes, Ireland is where it all began. Around a couple of thousands of years ago, the Celts started the Halloween tradition. Londonderry is one of the most iconic places to learn about the history of Halloween and celebrate it. With many events, parties and scary sites to visit, this city makes the perfect spot for spooky lovers. They even have a website dedicated to Derry’s Halloween. You can check it out here.

The Halloween season is normally celebrated across Londonderry from the 28th – 31st of October with countless of stores, many live acts, parades and attractions.  For a sneak peek, check out the summary video from Derry Halloween 2017. 


8.    City of Mexico, Mexico

The Halloween season is most known in Mexico as “Dia de los Muertos” (Day of the Dead). Although this is not the same as Halloween, it is just as spooky. It is celebrated between the 31st of October – 2nd of November and it consists on one of the biggest and most famous festivals in Mexico. All throughout the city there are parades, live events, cemetery visits and other activities. One of the most prominent places to visit is Mixquic, a barrio that prides itself on its centuries-old customs during its famous Day of the Dead festivities. The Day of the Dead Parade is also a must for the spooky lovers, with hundreds of people dressing up for the occasion and fantastic Halloween-like decorations. 


9.    Disney World, Florida

If its wasn’t enough with the magical atmosphere that Disney World brings to the table, the park also brings the Halloween experience to a whole other level. With its “Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party”, Walt Disney World provides a special Halloween celebration at the Magic Kingdom part with many evening events and performances. Apart from this, spectators can enjoy special songs, costumes and parades related to the event which adds up to the Halloween hype. Visitors can also choose to stay in one of the luxurious hotels within the park such as the Four Seasons Resort Orlando or Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort & Spa.


10.    London, UK

As one of the biggest cities in the world, London has a lot to offer when it comes to Halloween celebrations. From events, to Halloween nights and parties, there is whole range of activities. One of the most famous places to visit during Halloween season is the London Dungeon, which is a famous thrilling attraction for the spooky lovers. Visitors can also take the Halloween Delicious History tour and learn about the ghosts said to haunt the famous Piccadilly building. For the theatre lovers, they can attend to some of the Halloween plays such as Variant 31, The Woman in Black, Ghost Stories or the famous Phantom of the Opera. At last, for those who want to enjoy the opulence of one of England’s most haunted hotels, they can stay at the Langham London Hotel. Legend has it, Langham hosts seven ghosts and there have been several incidents where people have reported some of these uninvited guests…

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