Written on 11th July 2016

The Appointment Group teams up with Wonderfruit, Thailand’s first socially and eco-conscious festival

South-East Asia is one of the newest hotspots for music festivals and exciting events.

Festivals are always exciting projects to work on, so when Gig Life Asia, Wonderfruit festival, approached TAG Singapore with the plan to fly a group of festival fans from Singapore to the event in Thailand, the team could not have been more thrilled.

With Thailand as its backdrop, the Wonderfruit festival is a 4-day cross-cultural journey through the arts, from 15th to 18th December 2016 in Pattaya.

Wonderfruit is built on six pillars: arts, music, family, farm to feasts, talks & workshops and wellness & adventures, to create a platform where fun and social responsibility can go hand in hand as a joyful adventure.

The Appointment Group is extremely proud to participate in Thailand’s first socially- and eco-conscious festival and to set this strategic alliance on the touring sector, using TAG’s long-standing domestic and international relationships with hotels, airlines and ground transportation to consolidate all areas of travel.

For further information please contact our TAG Singapore team here.

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