Written on 10th March 2016

TAG Touring Sophie Kirov, on being Flume's Tour Manager

While electronic music producers are reaching their own career peaks every day from behind laptops, it takes a particularly tireless lifer to take online growth and translate it into ticket sales. Flume has done just that with the help of Sydney label Future Classic and its Touring Logistics Manager Sophie Kirov.

Kirov is a force of nature on the road. A typical day includes coordinating publicity, flights and venue load ins, liaising with venues, production houses, transport rental companies, caterers and hotels, driving at all hours, and, at times, physically helping the crew load heavy road cases.

Her work with Flume since 2013 speaks for itself.

Indeed Kirov and Flume’s relationship with travelling has changed since the Infinity Prism Tour, but it’s also been made easier by travel management company The Appointment Group (TAG). With their specialist music travel division, TAG Global Touring, the team of dedicated tour specialists works closely with artist management teams out of its offices in Sydney, Melbourne, London, Manchester, New York, Atlanta, Los Angeles and most recently Singapore. This means that when Kirov needs make or change travel plans on tour, TAG has an on-ground team to respond at any time, day or night.

“The biggest advantage is there’s an emergency line, especially because a lot of the changes that do happen are out of the standard 9 to 5,” Kirov says. “It’s an amazing service to have. Otherwise you’re sitting on the phone to Qantas at eleven o’clock at night - it’s just not viable.”

Kirov found TAG particularly useful in June last year when the volcanic ash hovering over Indonesia meant electronic producer duo Flight Facilities weren’t able to fly out of Bali. The Future Classic signing were in the country to perform Sunny Side Up festival at the famous Potato Head Beach Club.

“We were quite stuck and the notifications that I was getting through from TAG were actually more up to date than what was actually coming out of Bali Airport,” notes Kirov.

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