Written on 19th September 2016

TAG will soon launch a brand new version of its TAG Touring App

All essential travel services will be available at your fingertips!

Last year The Appointment Group was delighted to announce the launch of the TAG Global Touring App.  This is an iPad / Desktop / Laptop tool for Tour Managers, Production Managers and personnel alike.

In its initial phase the App was capable of giving users access to many features; travel itineraries for a tour including rooming lists, riders, accommodation vouchers, hotel information and budgets. The second version the App, focused very much on the design, layout and usability of the App. A brand new dashboard, filter functionalities were integrated to give the user a much smoother experience.

The Appointment Group is proud to announce version three of the App is now being beta-tested amongst a selected group of clients. This version will revolutionise the way the App is currently being used as it will include all flight information. All ticketed flights will be visible alongside the hotels, which, will allow the users to have access to a full overview of all the key components of a tour.

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The main functionalities include:

  • Dashboard with overview of tour
  • Access to hotel service files
  • Passport details of all travellers
  • Rooming lists and vouchers
  • PDF and email functionality
  • Filter functionality
  • Rider display
  • Links to supplier websites and location details
  • Map function
  • Traveller itinerary


Version three additional services:

  • Flight information
  • Self-drive cars
  • Chauffeur services
  • Meet and greet services
  • Ferry
  • Rail services


The App, the very first of its kind, will significantly assist the Group Travel Management process. Now all essential travel information will become available to users by the click of a button.

A login system ensures the information remains secure whilst the “sync facility” will allow the users to have access to up to date travel information at all times. Additionally, multiple tours can be loaded in the app enabling the user to have instant access to all key data.

Should you wish to receive any further information about the TAG Global Touring App, or wish to set it up for your tours, please contact your dedicated Travel Executive or contact us here.


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