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TAG’s Events division partners with brands and agencies like you to curate true brand experiences. The first step is to get to grips with what you stand for, so your event can make a real connection with the people you care about. From design to execution, we are here to plan and customise every single detail – giving you complete control over every touchpoint and how people perceive your event.  

Our extensive capabilities range from content creation and interactive technology, to branding and interactive event journeys. Whatever you need, we are here to make it happen – because our services are always personalised to you.

Event solutions

Talented, passionate, full-time event experts assist with every aspect of production, procurement, logistics and group travel management.

Incentive solutions

Concept development, program design, motivational teaser and communications programs, registration, travel and destination management and onsite logistics management.

Production solutions

Using strategic communication and theatre to orchestrate business messages and influence behaviour. We also manage the budget and financial reconciliation, risk assessments and OH&S documentation.

Creative and strategic solutions

Content development, set design and management, AV design, negotiation and management, entertainment and talent sourcing, full video production, 2D and 3D design and more.

Show production solutions

Full show call, overall direction of audio, visual, lighting, special FX, stage management and direction of entertainment and speakers.

Digital and design solutions

We shape event communications that resonate with your audience, providing creative flair, robust support and astute attention to detail.

Return on investment, return on experience

We have a firm grip on your expectations for a return on investment – whether that means confirmed sales, customer or staff retention or improved stakeholder ratings. In addition, we make sure your event forms an emotional connection with people – by affecting perceptions, emotions and reactions – to ensure a return on experience.

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