Strategy and creativity

Head and heart

We take a holistic approach to events – combining the power of strategy with creativity to ensure your audience connects with you at every touchpoint, you meet your objectives and see a return on your investment.

Take a strategic approach

Every event starts with a deep dive into your brand DNA to gain valuable insight. We get to grips with what you are all about and the outcomes you desire – to create one connected experience. Everything we do is carried out with professional discipline, rigorous risk mitigation and precision, giving you complete peace of mind that you will get the results you need. With TAG by your side, you can use events as a tool to grow your business.

Make an emotional connection

Taking the time to get to grips with your brand means we can see clearly into your world and create a vision. With a sound strategy in place, our events experts harness the power of creativity to bring everything to life – and we partner with you to create original, impactful experiences to remember.  Fresh, out-of-the-box thinking comes as standard with TAG. The result? Your audience makes a real emotional connection with your brand.

How can we help you?

Creative and strategic thinking

Content development

State-of-the-art set design and management

Production design

Negotiation and management

Entertainment and talent sourcing

Briefing and management

Speaker sourcing

Scripting and speaker support

Powerpoint and keynote development and support

Full video production

Audio editing

2D and 3D design and projection mapping

Return on investment, return on experience

We have a firm grip on your expectations for a return on investment – whether that means confirmed sales, customer or staff retention, or improved stakeholder ratings. We also make sure your event makes a real emotional connection with people – by affecting perceptions, emotions and reactions – to ensure a return on experience.

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