Written on 1st May 2018 by Steph Bryant

TAG Global Events - Five ways to collect Event feedback

Whether it’s positive or negative, collecting feedback is a crucial factor in development and improvement of events – but how do you encourage your delegates to provide feedback on their experience?

It can sometimes be difficult to keep delegates engaged post-event and collect useful responses from your guests retrospectively. However, there are some fun, creative ways to get feedback, especially when you’ve got technology on your side. To help make your feedback process more effective, Steph Bryant, Events Assistant at The Appointment Group(TAG), has compiled a list of ideas below…

1. Mobile event app

Implementing a feedback survey within your event app is a smart solution to gathering feedback. It often requires minimum effort on the organiser’s part, as automatic push notifications can be sent to remind delegates to supply their comments on their way home whilst the event is still fresh in their minds.

TAG Global Events team can design and create an app fit for your purpose with the aim to reach and engage with as many delegates as possible. We can also design event apps that can host custom polls during the event, where organisers can ask delegates to vote in real-time on feedback polls.

2. Feedback buttons

You can gather instant information about how people feel using ‘emotion buttons’, where delegates can press emoji faces that reflect their experience of the event. People love the interaction of these machines, so by featuring them around the venue can be a quick and easy way to get an impression of your delegates’ reactions.

3. Comment cards

It may sound old school, but paper comment cards and forms do still have a place when it comes to gathering feedback. You can leave them on tables around the venue or even hand them out in the welcome registration packs on arrival. You may find that delegates leave more detailed comments if they prefer this method of leaving feedback.

4. Online forms

TAG Global Events team can create a bespoke feedback form on the event website tailored to your brand guidelines and event design. By incorporating the feedback form within the event registration website, we can ensure there is continuity in the guest journey, for example in the email correspondence. The form can be designed as a responsive page (mobile-friendly) so guests can complete the questions easily on the move.

5. Live social media updates

When your event is creating a buzz, people will want to chat about it on social media. Using an event hashtag will link everyone’s posts together on social media and you can also enable your delegates to check in to the event / venue too. This can be a great way to gather live feedback, as well as encourage discussion between attendees.

If you are interested in exploring these feedback ideas for your next event, then please contact the Global Events team today to learn more.

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