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When you partner with us, we don’t just handle every aspect of your tour, travel and logistics: we become an extension of your team. Because every tour is different, you can expect a personalised service, tailored to you. And we guarantee to use our global network of connections to your advantage – giving you access to the best rates available. Plus, a consistent, high-level of service is guaranteed.

Whether you work in the world of rock, pop, classical, opera, dance, sports, theatre, comedy, radio or television, we have the specialist expertise to meet your touring needs. Our dedicated team of tour specialists will take care of everything, from arranging travel for your group to managing the logistics – and you can rely on them for meticulous planning, management and execution at every stage.
We give you the edge
Our extensive knowledge and supplier contacts give you the edge on tour. Thirty years in the business means we have excellent connections on every continent – our negotiating power is second to none, and we promise to pass those benefits on to you.
Whatever you need, we will make it happen. And remember – your touring team will be available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Global tour planning, budgeting and logistics

We handle every aspect of your tour, travel and logistics, giving you access to the best rates and a high level of service every time.

Experts in managing VIP and band parties

We work with A, B and C parties - whether it is A-list bands, classical concert groups, or first-time tourers.

Specialists in handling production crew and steel parties

We offer unrivalled travel expertise for artists and bands of all sizes, including production crew and steel teams.

Flight and hotel management

Our vast experience in negotiating air, and hotel rates will significantly reduce your travel expenditure.

Account reconciliation assistance

We reconcile all the transactions in the end of each tour ito make sure that no mistakes have been made.

Excess baggage and airport assistance

We provide assistance at over 150 airports worldwide. including airport lounge access, group check-in and transfers.

Ground transportation and ancillary travel

We offer discount programmes for car rental, rail, chauffeurs and airport parking.

Passport and visa services

We provide a comprehensive passport and visa service, advising every traveller of the requirements for their itinerary.

Production coordinator on the road experience

We can provide a tour specialist to travel ahead with your artist or crew party.


TAGgo is a bespoke solution enables you to view, manage and update live travel bookings in real time.

Leading production specialists

TAG provides complete logistical support for artists and touring parties of all sizes – from newly signed acts to established international bands and productions. From one-off events to major tours, we have superior experience across the board, so production crews and steel teams can rely on us for complete support.

Are you a breakthrough artist?
If you are new to touring, or have no idea where to start, you can leave everything to TAG. This may be your first time, but we are used to working with new artists. In fact, many of our clients started with us for their first ever tour – and we still work with them now they are selling out worldwide stadium tours.
Whatever your budget, we can work within it – and we will be there for you every step of the way.

Find out how we go above and beyond