We’re with you throughout the journey, providing the support you need, when you need it. If required, one of our tour specialists will be on hand to provide the travel and expertise needed to make every performance and live event in your is pulled off without a hitch. The specialist in tour management can travel ahead, arriving before your crew or VIPs arrive to ensure that all is in order for behind the scenes. 

Specialists at managing VIP and band parties

We work with A, B and C parties - whether it is A-list bands, classical concert groups, or first-time tourers.

Account reconciliation assistance (tour budget, tour accounting)

We reconcile all the transactions in the end of each tour ito make sure that no mistakes have been made.

Production coordinator (on the road)

We can provide a tour specialist to travel ahead with your artist or crew party.

Flight and hotel management

Our vast experience in negotiating air, and hotel rates will significantly reduce your travel expenditure.

Passport and visa services

We provide a comprehensive passport and visa service, advising every traveller of the requirements for their itinerary.