Written on 28th April 2017 by Chris Turner

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Almost half a century has passed since The Beatles recorded Here Comes The Sun at the enigmatic Abbey Road studios. Strictly closed to the public on normal occasions, The Appointment Group’s Event & Technology Specialist, Chris Turner was exclusively invited to get “up close and personal” with this venue steeped in musical history.

The famous zebra crossing and the graffiti covered wall still does not fail to impress and reminds anyone crossing the studio’s threshold that you are privileged to be here. The venue has barely changed in 60 odd years and still operates as a fully working studio, attracting the “crème de la crème” of the industry.

Since 2005 however they have started opening their doors to a select amount of individuals and groups making it one of the most exclusive event venues in London. Chris Turner was there to experience first-hand their latest concept: to record your very own song.

The event took place in Abbey Road’s ‘Studio 2’, the room in which The Beatles recorded the majority of their songs. The evening began with a Champagne reception and a video presentation celebrating the 82-year heritage of this musical landmark.

Working alongside Abbey Road Studios engineers, the studio’s team of musical directors, professional musicians and vocal coaches, everything is in place to ensure that the ‘Record a Song‘ day is an experience you will never forget. Before leaving, each delegate will receive a copy of the final track, recorded and mixed by one of the studio’s award winning engineers, along with pictures from the event and a video montage of their recording session.

The experience was complemented by a walk around the rest of the Abbey Road complex and a visit to the Studio 1 which, as well as being the largest studio in the world, is famed for recording the music to iconic films such as Star Wars and Lord of the Rings.

Abbey Road studios is arguably the most famous recording studio complex in the world and the ‘birthplace’ of various famous musical creations – it’s where Amy Winehouse recorded her last ever song with her hero, Tony Bennett, and where Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon was also conceived.

The Abbey Road studios have been at the heart of the music industry for more than 80 years and are now in the process of becoming one of the most coveted event spaces for all of those who want to be party to music history of the world.

With its ties to international musicians and film composers, the studios has built up a global reputation in its field so the venue undoubtedly appeals to delegates from all around the world. The Abbey Road studios has excellent transport links, with Maida Vale Underground station only 2 stops from London Paddington. From here, guests can take the Heathrow Express (15 minute journey) to London Heathrow airport which supports a vast number of flight paths to European cities, as well as US locations, Canada, Australia, and Singapore.

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Chris Turner, The Appointment Group’s Event & Technology Specialist, comments:

“The moment I received the invite to go to Abbey Road, I had to go. This has been an item on my bucket list for some time. The venue is everything you imagine, the recording studio, the history of all the bands that played there including, of course, The Beatles. What I wasn’t expecting was the scope of the amount of other recordings they make at the studios. Abbey Road studios is also the number one studio within the film industry including titles like all of the Lord of the Rings trilogy, Harry Potter and James Bond, making this an amazing venue to visit for all music and film lovers. The other element of the night that impressed me was the size of the place. Studio 1 (where all films are recorded) can hold 300 theatre style for a conference and 250 for a dinner. Studio 2 (where The Beatles recorded most of their songs) can be used as a coffee/lunch area or a drinks reception and dance room.

The venue can also include activities such as the one I took part in recording a song in Studio 2. For me to record in the same room where so many of my hero have been was a truly memorable experience and one I will never forget!

Chris has a wealth of experience working on events that place interaction with technology at the forefront of the delegate experience, from an inaugural European computer gaming conference, to the largest IT Developers Conference in the UK. Chris’ interest and expertise for technology in events means he is always looking out for unique venues like the Abbey Road studios that would offer The Appointment Group’s clients an innovative and on-trend experience for their attendees.

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