Study tour

Retail Study Tour


130 pharmacy owners from across Australia, for a biennial trip to the world’s best retail destinations to educate partners of the business on retail theories and best practice solutions, learn and share new ideas and to maintain a competitive edge in a mature marketplace

A packed itinerary including  Las Vegas and New York, USA

TAG’s expertise

TAG designed all aspects of a retail study tour to Las Vegas and New York, with an innovative mix of education, hospitality and leisure. This multifaceted event programme was a highly engaging, progressive and memorable trip – providing first-hand experience of the diverse pharmaceutical and retail landscape in the USA. The conference included keynote speakers from Harvard University and showcased the client at the forefront of the highly competitive retail pharmacy industry. An integrated a mobile app enabled  retailers to view their travel itineraries, optional activities and, agendas and even ask the speakers questions and participate in real-time live polling.

  • Destination selection to ensure retail study opportunities
  • A range of diverse functions to engage and inspire with local experts
  • Personalised spouse programme
  • Mobile app integration for complex logistics communication
  • Full conference production, logistics and execution
  • Flight management service to facilitate travel experience
  • Bespoke extensive retail tour with local experts
  • Post event feedback and learnings for subsequent tours


Thank you TAG for an exceptional study tour and conference. Our retailers enjoyed themselves very much and have commented on how well everything was planned and executed. You never fail to delivery and we value our partnership.

A great job performed by all involved. Well done and I look forward to the next one.