In addition to delivering a highly personal service to every client, we also provide smart technology solutions to maximise their experience. TAGgo is a pioneering app for music, media and entertainment clients, which gives you the information you need in the palm of your hand.

TAGgo is the first app of its kind and it’s all about ensuring all personnel have up-to-date information at their fingertips, at all times.


Because every tour and production is different, this service is tailored to you and your precise needs. Your bespoke TAGgo solution enables you to view and manage bookings in real time – including travel itineraries, hotel room lists, budgets and much more. Meanwhile, the log-in system means all details are secure and protected.

The application is available via weblink, providing easy access to Android and iPhone users, in addition to also being available on desktop and iPad devices.


  • Calendar dashboard
  • Profile personalisation
  • Preferred date/time and currency 
  • Tour/Production overview dashboard
  • Complete flight information
  • Traveller passport details
  • Hotel rooming lists
  • Detailed maps
  • Tour/Production budgeting report
  • Synced to in-house booking system
  • Full logistical planning
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Stay ahead of the curve

In the fast-paced world of touring,  having access to smart technology is crucial. That’s why we keep our finger on the pulse with our industry-leading solutions – giving you access to real-time information and intelligent ways to deal with last-minute changes.

Instant access 24/7

Tailored to your requirements

Keep track of your travellers

Manage approvals, costs, compliance and more

Access the app here