Written on 15th January 2019

Managing the discerning traveller

They like an aisle seat, they are always booking last minute, they change their plans twice before they confirm and then once again afterwards! Sound familiar? The discerning traveller. An individual who likes consistency and familiarity, appreciates things done right the first time, and is always changing their mind! 

Not every TMC is well-equipped enough to deal with the kinds of demands of the discerning traveller or their PA. TAG is different. We thrive on the pressure of the highly demanding. We love a challenge. We handle these kinds of requests effortlessly. 

Now, anyone could tell you that. Any TMC can tell you that they have the best service and the best prices, in fact, it’s the sales pitch peddled by most. How many can back it up with hard facts and evidence? TAG can. 

Where others may have invested their money in external technology to provide bookers with shiny booking tools that work OK, but just aren’t the same as a real person - TAG recognises our specialism in providing a high-level of service via our agents. We have chosen to make our technology investments internally – creating a suite of in-house tools that assist our teams to provide our clients with the best possible service. We prepare them to succeed. 

Here we showcase the tools that make your life as a travel booker feel like a holiday:


“Seat 1A or I’m not flying!" We understand that regular travellers lead hectic lives, which is why it’s important to them to be comfortable. TAGmySeat scans seat assignments every 15 minutes and immediately alerts us when your preferred seat becomes available, enabling us to catch and secure it before anyone else could. 

TAG_MyWait (2).png 

This nifty gadget tracks availability on waitlisted flights and notifies us the instant a class becomes available. Travellers that book last minute? Often struggle to find a seat on a plane? This tool assists us in getting you the seat you want on the flight you need, without us even trying. 


Like to be ahead of the game? TAG are one-step ahead when it comes to flight delays. TAGflightIQ immediately alerts agents to any delay or cancellation to your flights, ensuring that they are already looking into alternatives for you before you are even made aware yourself.     

To read more about our TAGtech Suite click here. 

To learn more about how we make life easier for travel bookers, contact our team today: enquiries@tag-group.com 

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