Your Complete Mobile Travel Safety Training Solution

Learn anywhere, on any device 

On-demand learning for the on-demand learner. Your people don't want to be tied to their desks whilst they learn. eTS Academy delivers training videos and content directly to mobile, enabling you to train your people anywhere in the world, on any device. 

Expert advice, simple language eTS mobile 2.png

You shouldn't have to be a specialist to be able to learn how to stay safe. All of the content in eTS Academy is delivered in a language that anyone can understand, to help anyone stay safe, anywhere in the world. 

Available to stream or download  

All of the videos in eTS Academy are available to stream whenever you had an internet connection. But if you’re headed somewhere where you can’t connect to the internet, you can download the videos ahead of time so they’re available to you even if you’re offline, ensuring that you always access to Travel Safety training wherever you go. 

How does eTS Academy help you?  

eTS Academy has been designed to be as simple and effective as possible - here's how it works. 

eTS Academy is: 

  • Fully scalable, up & down 
  • Self-managed admin console  
  • Fully auditable, fully compliant 


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