Written on 8th July 2016

Three tips to improve your experience through airport security – TSA Tips

Whether arriving or departing, travellers that frequently travel to the United States know that the journey though security screening is always an unpredictable experience.

The Transportation Security Administration (TSA), which maintains all airport security in the US has reported increased travel in recent months and expects the summer travel period to reach record-breaking passenger volumes.

In recent news, the US Government has passed legislation aimed at reducing wait times in airport security lines. This requires the TSA to reach agreements with local airports on maintaining adequate staffing levels to help alleviate the congestion of passengers at security checkpoints nationwide.

In an attempt to better navigate TSA while these changes come into effect, TAG has put together a tip list to help whisk you through security this summer.


  1. Enroll in participating Trusted Traveler Programs

The US Department of Homeland Security has several programs that allow pre- screened passengers expedited service.

  • TSA PreCheck: Allows US citizens and permanent residents to apply for expedited screening for an $85 fee. See more information here.
  • Global Entry: Allows pre-approved travelers expedited entry into the US using automatic kiosks in select airports for $100 fee (and automatically enrolls you into TSA PreCheck). GE was also extended to UK citizens. See more information here.
  • NEXUS: Allows pre-screened travelers expedited processing while entering United States and Canada. See more information here.
  • SENTRI: Allows pre-screened travelers expedited processing while entering southern land border crossings. See more information here.


  1. Keep in mind your flight times & be aware if you are traveling in peak periods
  • Knowing airport peak times could help you prepare for longer waits at security points. For example, early mornings on weekdays are peak times for business travelers and Friday evening flight times are very popular among leisure travelers.
  • Those dreaded wrap-around lines may be in place due to holidays and events you were un-aware of; see here a list of summer happenings that will likely increase passenger traffic.


  1. Take advantage of expedited security provided by select airlines

Many airlines have or continue to develop exclusive security lanes for an added cost at select airports. Mainly offered for first/business class and priority flyers, these programs can get you quickly through security checkpoints (quite enjoyably).

See below some examples from American Airlines, Delta and United.

For any further information, please contact the TAG US Corporate team here.


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