Written on 8th December 2016

United Airlines debuts United Polaris International Business Class

United Airlines began rolling-out of its all-new United Polaris Business Class, featuring a reimagined, sleep-enhancing experience for intercontinental travelers.

Announced in June, the first phase of United Polaris features an elevated inflight food and beverage experience, tranquil custom bedding from Saks Fifth Avenue, exclusive amenity kits with products from Soho House & Co's Cowshed Spa and the opening of the first of nine United Polaris lounges around the world at Chicago O'Hare International Airport.

In rethinking the international business class experience, United conducted more than 12,000 hours of research and sleep emerged as the single most important priority for international business class travelers. United Polaris' path-breaking design and sleep-enhancing focus was inspired and informed by insights from hundreds of customers and employees, inflight product simulations and more than 100 product evaluations.

In a first-of-its-kind relationship, United has worked with leading luxury specialty store Saks Fifth Avenue for custom-designed bedding. All designed to provide the best sleep in the sky, the new bedding collection will feature plush duvets, lightweight day-blankets and a large and small pillow for each United Polaris customer. In addition, mattress cushions will be available upon request.

Slippers will be available on all flights and customized United Polaris pajamas will be available by request on flights longer than 12 hours. Flyers will also be able to request a gel-cooled pillow. New amenity kits will feature ergonomically designed eye shades, calming pillow mist and additional products from Soho House & Co's Cowshed Spa.

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Additionally, United will offer a new and unique channel for customers on its inflight entertainment system focused on sleep and relaxation. Customers will be able to relax with soothing nature scenes, guided meditation sessions from Headspace and experience Slow TV as they settle-in onboard.

More information on the United Polaris business class can be found at united.com/Polaris.

Source: United Airlines