Written on 23rd March 2017

Yellow fever vaccination recommendations for international travellers going to Brazil

Yellow fever virus transmission continues to expand towards the Atlantic coast of Brazil. Confirmed cases of yellow fever virus infection in humans were reported in Rio de Janeiro State, and epizootics and human cases are under investigation for yellow fever virus infection in São Paulo State. These reports are consistent with the increased yellow fever activity observed in other States (Espírito Santo and Minas Gerais) that share the same ecosystem — tropical and sub-tropical broad leaved forests. The World Health Organization Secretariat has determined that the State of Rio de Janeiro, with the exception of the urban areas of Rio de Janeiro City and Niterói and the State of São Paulo, with the exception of the urban areas of São Paulo City and Campinas, should also be considered at risk for yellow fever transmission. Consequently, vaccination against yellow fever is recommended for international travellers visiting those areas in the States of Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo. For more information, please visit: www.who.int Please contact your dedicated Travel Executive for any further information regarding this matter. The Appointment Group