Written on 25th July 2014

Destination Focus- Myanmar (Burma)

Myanmar is a mysterious gem that has only recently opened its doors to responsible tourism. With awe inspiring temples, luscious forests and pristine beaches, all combined with a meandering pace of life and welcoming people peacefully coinciding together. Reminiscent of an ancient Indochina and, for the most part, untouched by the 21st century Myanmar is the most unique and authentic destination is South-East Asia. In the words of Rudyard Kipling:

‘This is Burma. It is quite unlike any place you know about’ 

From the thousands of golden Buddhist stupas to the fisherman of Inle Lake, this country transports you to a time when life was simple and natural beauty was all around. A country that always manages to deliver far more than expected.

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 Myanmar Highlights

 Yangon (Rangoon)

This is the largest city in Burma and the architecture is still reminiscent of when it was used by the British as their colonial capital.  The city revolves around the Shwedagon Pagoda, an ancient gold plated temple spanning over 100 metres in height. Be sure to avoid the tourists and catch the peaceful Buddhist chants which start at 6:30 am. Yangon, also known as ‘The Garden City of the East’ attracts nature lovers from all over the world with the city’s lakes and parks. Yangon is also home to Bogyoke Market (Scott Market), a bazaar selling everything from Burmese Jade to antique coins.  This city is Myanmar’s main seaport; hence it has a very unique culture due to the different types of people that have come through and settled. Yangon offers a thriving local culture and plenty of natural splendour.


Bagan is the home to the majority of the ancient architecture in Myanmar and is one of the best locations to capture scenic photos. Over 2,000 temples each dating back over 1,500 years are located on the Eastern bank of the Ayeyarwady River, filling up the horizon and spanning 16 square miles. Another bonus is that the climate allows for travel any time of the year, as it does not experience a rainy season. Bagan is no doubt a destination that you will remember for a lifetime, an ancient historical city surrounded by mesmerising views.


This is the commercial centre and second largest city in Myanmar. If you pull yourself away from the neon lit centre you will catch glimpses of the old Mandalay where the monarchy had ruled up until 1886. Myanmar history can be seen when visiting the Royal Palace of the Konbaung Dynasty which is located in Mandalay. Another popular tourist attraction is the Mandalay Hill, a pilgrimage site that has been attracting Buddhists from all over the world for over two centuries. This city boasts a lot of history yet with its modern hotels and establishments caters to everyone.

Inle Lake

This is the second largest natural lake in Myanmar, spanning 22km in length and is situated in between two mountain ranges. It is also home to the leg rowing fisherman and is surrounded by villages that are raised on stilts. The best way to view Inle Lake is to hire a bike and see the stunning scenery that surrounds it. Inle Lake offers a stunning landscape, welcoming locals and an absorbing backdrop.

Ngapali Beach

If you want to get away to a tropical paradise you will be surprised to know that Myanmar has exactly that. Ngapli is certainly one of the best beaches in Myanmar and it is the definitive picture of paradise with its white sand and crystal blue waters. Ngapali is unlike any other beach in that it is quiet; yes this beach has still gone for the most part untouched but that could soon change with the many new resorts that are in the pipe line.

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Where to stay 

Belmond Governor’s residence 

This hotel is located at the Southern End of Myanmar. This Burmese designed hotel is the perfect resting spot in paradise. With plenty of activities, an array of restaurants and a relaxing pool and spa, this hotel provides the best introduction to Myanmar.

Sandaway Resort

This resort was opened when Ngapali Beach was still relatively unknown. It offers 59 villas and cottages on the beach front with the majority having an ocean view. Every detail of this hotel is brought together to create a serene atmosphere in tune with the surroundings.

How to get there

Its seclusion and hidden beauty means that there is a limited choice of connecting flights, but its well worth the effort to get there. Private clients will be happy to arrange all flights, from anywhere in the world, as per your specifications.

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