Written on 1st February 2018

Brazilian e-Visas now available for U.S. Passport holders

Brazil has opened an electronic visa program (e-Visa) program for U.S. Passport holders. Eligible travelers are able to complete their application online for e-Visas by visiting: http://vfsglobal.com/brazil-evisa/.

The Brazil e-Visa, at present, is available for nationals of Australia, Canada, Japan and now the United States.

Application and approval process:

  • Apply at: http://vfsglobal.com/brazil-evisa/.
  • Once approved (approval process will take anywhere from 3-5 business days, per the Brazilian government), the e-Visa approval will be emailed to the applicant.
  • If not approved, the applicant will need to visit a Brazilian consulate office.
  • Each traveler must have their own e-Visa, print their e-Visa approval receipt and carry it when traveling – as they will be required to present it to American Airlines, and on arrival to Brazilian Border Police. The e-Visa must match the passport being used by the traveler.
  • As this is not an Electronic Travel Authority (ETA), it is not possible to obtain an e-Visa immediately – and there is no visa upon arrival available.
  • Emergency visas are not available.

Source: American Airlines