Written on 21st July 2017

British Airways - Orly route transfer from London Heathrow to London City Airport

Due to commercial reasons, British Airways London Heathrow (LHR) to Orly (ORY) services will transfer to London City (LCY) to Orly. This will be a year-round change for all flights from 29th October 2017. London City services will be operated by BA CityFlyer Embraer E170 aircraft.

All Paris services from London Heathrow will operate to Paris Charles de Gaulle (CDG), including an extra weekday roundtrip.

Customers already booked on LHR-ORY flights for travel from 29th October will have their flight cancelled (UN status). These customers will be automatically re-accommodated onto a LHR-CDG flight (TK status).

Cancelled LHR services

Flight Number Route Timings Days of week Last day of operation
BA332 LHR-ORY 07:00-09:25 Daily 28th OCT 17
BA331 ORY-LHR 07:50-08:10 28th OCT 17
BA333 ORY-LHR 10:40-11:00 28th OCT 17
BA334 LHR-ORY 10:45-13:10 30th SEP 17
BA335 ORY-LHR 14:10-14:30 30th SEP 17
BA336 LHR-ORY 16:40-19:05 28th OCT 17
BA338 LHR-ORY 19:05-21:30 27th OCT 17
BA337 ORY-LHR 19:55-20:10 28th OCT 17


New LCY services

Flight Number Route Timings Days of week First day of operation
BA8752 ORY-LCY 07:45-08:05 Mon-Sat 30th OCT 17
BA8751 LCY-ORY 08:35-10:55 Mon-Sat 30th OCT 17
BA8754 ORY-LCY 11:40-12:00 Mon-Fri 30th OCT 17
BA8754 ORY-LCY 14:00-14:20 Sun 5th NOV 17
BA8755 LCY-ORY 16:30-18:50 Mon-Fri 30th OCT 17
BA8758 ORY-LCY 19:30-19:50 Mon-Fri 30th OCT 17
BA8757 LCY-ORY 20:20-22:40 Daily except Sat 29th OCT 17


New additional LHR service

Flight Number Route Timings Days of week First day of operation
BA328 LHR-CDG 17:55-20:10 Mon-Fri 30th OCT 17
BA329 CDG-LHR 21:20-21:35 Mon-Fri 30th OCT 17


Final timings are current but are subject to scheduling and slot constraints.

For more information regarding this matter, please contact you dedicated Travel Executive.

Source: British Airways