Written on 24th November 2016

Lufthansa welcomes Airbus A350-900

On 19th December 2016, the Lufthansa Group will receive its first A350-900.

The first regular commercial flight will be from Munich to Delhi on 10th February 2017. From February 2017 onwards, Lufthansa will station the first ten Airbus A350-900 aircrafts in Munich. The first flight destinations are Delhi and Boston.

The aircraft will have space for 293 passengers – 48 in Business Class, 21 in Premium Economy and 224 in the regular Economy Class section. The A350-900 is the most modern and environmentally friendly long haul aircraft worldwide and uses 25 percent less kerosene and produces 25 percent fewer emissions. The A350-900’s noise “footprint” is up to 50 percent lower than that of comparable aircraft types.

Source: Lufthansa