Written on 20th April 2017

Scandinavian Airlines (SAS): Let the summer begin

Scandinavian Airlines (SAS) summer timetable for 2017 takes off with new destinations. SAS is launching a total of seven new year-round routes and ten summer peak-season routes from Scandinavia. SAS is also increasing the number of departures to many popular destinations over the summer, with a total of 390,000 additional seats to Spain, Portugal and Croatia.

SAS launched seven new year-round routes, enabling SAS passengers to fly direct from Copenhagen to the Faroe Islands and Riga, from Aalborg to Oslo, from Stockholm to Munich, Krakow and Stuttgart and also from Bergen to Gdansk.

In addition to the eight new year-round routes, SAS is launching ten new sought-after vacation destinations from Scandinavia. In the summer peak season, SAS passengers will be able to fly direct from Oslo to Pristina, from Stavanger to Nice, from Kristiansand to Malaga, from Stockholm to Lisbon, Shannon, Pristina and Ibiza, from Copenhagen to Malta and Olbia, and from Aarhus to Malaga.

In addition to the new routes, SAS is increasing the number of departures to many popular vacation destinations in Europe. SAS is for example adding 390,000 more seats from its Scandinavian hubs to Croatia, Portugal and Spain.

Source: SAS