Written on 11th September 2014

10 Minutes with Roberto Scalisi – Hotel Contracting Director

What is your role at The Appointment Group (TAG)?

I am the Hotel Contracting Director at The Appointment Group (TAG) and I look after the hotel preferred partnerships for all our offices. It is my responsibility to explore new markets, strengthen our supplier relations globally, and ensure the very best rates can be offered to our clients.

What aspect of your role do you enjoy the most?

A considerable part of my job revolves around building relationships and networking with hotel representatives. Luckily that is actually the part of my job I enjoy the most!

What does your typical work day consist of?

No day is ever the same for me and my team. This being said, I will usually have a couple of meetings with our preferred suppliers during the course of the day.  I will also have to assist the agents with various queries and issues they might have with their hotel bookings. Another recurring element of my work day can be to source suitable properties for clients with very specific requirements. In addition to the above, I also carry out a fair bit of reporting and analysis of hotel data.

What do you think makes TAG different or unique from other Travel & Event Management Companies?

I think TAG is a unique company and stands out from other TMCs because of its set up. We deal with all segments of the travel industry from corporate travel, to music and entertainment travel, to luxury holidays as well. The energy and synergy among the staff is also very unique and positive. As far as my role is concerned, the very long standing relationships we have with our suppliers (hotels) are quite special with many of them, and has become an integral part of TAG’s success.

What has been your best memory so far whilst working for TAG?

Nothing in particular springs to mind. I would have to say all of the social gatherings I have had throughout the years in the company have left amazing memories and created very strong bonds among some of us. Many of the people I work with I no longer consider as simple colleagues but more a part of my extended family!

What would be your perfect holiday/vacation?

I like different types of holidays; however I would probably have to say my best holiday would be something which embraces all my pastimes, somewhere I can enjoy culture, relaxation, beach, nightlife and good food. My last holiday in Thailand and Cambodia was the perfect example.

What is your favourite city and hotel in the world?

That’s a difficult one… I like different cities for their different characters and soul, but if I am forced to choose one, it would probably be New York because of its unique energy.  As for a hotel, again there are so many great hotels to choose from, each one of them has different features which makes them unique. I love breathtaking views and for this reason I would probably choose the Ritz Carlton Hong Kong. I had the pleasure of staying on the 115th floor and believe me, it felt like I was in a helicopter looking down on the city …. Spectacular!!

What is the one thing you cannot live without?

It might be a sad thing to say, probably my iPhone. All my favourite  and personal things are stored in there!

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