Written on 27th September 2018

Discover extraordinary suites at Pulitzer Amsterdam

Pulitzer Amsterdam is a luxury hotel set within 25 restored 17th and 18th century canal houses, in one of Amsterdam’s chicest and trendiest neighbourhoods. Blending traditional and modern Dutch craftsmanship and service, the hotel offers tranquil inner gardens, a lobby café, hotel bar, restaurant that serves simple yet beautifully crafted dishes and 225 unique guest rooms.

Four of the 225 unique guest rooms are inspired by the narrative of elaborate characters who may have lived in the buildings throughout the years; from a compulsive art devotee to an eccentric book lover; a music composer and a grand antique collector. These suites are called the Collector’s Suites.

Quirky features include a dramatic floor-to-ceiling archway of books, a wall of trumpets and a large painting depicting a modern scenario of The Last Supper. Each was designed by Tom Dixon’s former protégé, Jacu Strauss, and has a private entrance on the canal and stunning views of the canal.

Art Collector’s Suite

This suite was inspired by the enormous collection of art gathered through the years by the hotel. These pieces are of all era’s and different styles.

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Book Collector’s Suite

This suite is based on the Amsterdam houses with beautiful book collections and nice vintage bookstores in the city. The room is the home of a romantic book collector, an explorer, and an intellectual.

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Antique Collector’s Suite

This suite is inspired by the homes of Amsterdam full on antique furniture and one of the many antique markets, and the antique shops in the area of the hotel.

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Music Collector’s Suite

This suite was inspired by the records shops in the Nine Streets, the music and festival events in the city, as well as the annual Prinsengracht Concert. With the fantasy of at one point in time a famous pianist living in Pulitzer, the suite was designed to give a home to this eccentric, creative intellectual.

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