Written on 11th September 2019

TAG Academy: First US Graduation

The first US graduation of TAG Academy was held on August 12th, 2019 and hosted by Travelport at their offices in the UK.  TAG Academy was founded to educate and offer professional training to the new generation of Travel Executives and also to offer training programs to maintain staff at the very highest level possible with supplier product training and sector specific seminars. TAG works with 12 of its trusted suppliers, including Travelport, to design a varied program including product experiential days, classroom and online training. 

TAG is committed to creating exceptional training that sits firmly in today’s business needs. As travel educators, the challenge is the significant change with emerging technologies that continually innovate products and services. TAG Academy offers an agile program that responds to the dynamic, kinetic and vibrant sector. 

The graduates worked hard to achieve the learning objectives set by TAG Academy, and are ready to build a bright future for themselves at TAG.