Written on 31st January 2020

TAG announces the acquisition of Leeds Enterprises travel business

TAG is pleased to announce the acquisition of the travel management company Leeds Enterprises, the provider of travel management for all sizes of touring and entertainment clients.

Founder Andy Leeds started Leeds Entertainment Travel in 1983 in conjunction with Leeds Rehearsal Studio, which he began in 1977. Leeds Rehearsal Studios was the home to many of the biggest artists and tours of the era, including The Jacksons ‘Victory Tour’ and Madonna’s ‘Like a Virgin Tour’. Back then, Andy saw the need for a travel agency that catered to the touring industry, run by someone who had firsthand knowledge of touring logistics. Since that time, Andy has grown his travel company, now called Leeds Enterprises, to handle a current portfolio of over 40 bands/artists including some of the largest grossing tours in recent history. Andy and his team: Jody Katz, Debbie Covell, Nina Kohtala, and Beth Torok bring with them over 80 years of touring experience and expertise. Leeds Enterprises has an outstanding reputation for personal service and integrity. The team is highly respected in the touring industry having close working and personal relationships with hotels and airlines worldwide. They are proud to say they still retain many of their original clients to this day.

Leeds Enterprises’ extensive client portfolio, exceptional touring knowledge combined with TAG’s extended global reach, bespoke technology and skill set, will provide a compelling service for all bands/artists and their full touring production teams. The combined businesses will trade as TAG Global Touring and will be managed from TAG’s Los Angeles office.

TAG’s Group Touring Director, Byron Carr said “I have personally known Andy for 5 years, however admired and known of his reputation for many more. His 35 years of touring travel experience and passion for the business is second to none. Knowing all his clients and having worked with some over the years, I have experienced firsthand Andy’s dedicated 24/7 service levels and attention to detail for his clients.”

TAG’s Managing Director USA, Gabrielle Carr said “We are excited for Andy to join our US Senior Leadership Team as Director of Entertainment Travel and look forward to growing our business together in 2020, and for many years to come.”

Andy Leeds, of Leeds Enterprises, said “We are looking forward to joining forces with TAG and believe that our businesses naturally complement one another. Leeds Enterprises offers a vast expertise in all aspects of Entertainment and Touring Travel. TAG, an industry leader in Touring Travel, will provide new technology and vast industry knowledge as a partner. Together, we will provide the highest level of service and support to all our existing and prospective clients. I feel this is a great match for both companies and look forward to my new role as Director of Entertainment Travel, as well as being part of TAG’s future growth.”