Written on 3rd February 2017

American Airlines move to Terminal 5 at Los Angeles Airport

In order to more easily facilitate flight connections, baggage transfers and reclaim and access to its lounges, American Airlines’ (AA) operations at Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) moved from Terminal 6 to LAX Terminal 5.

This move includes:

  • Check-in facilities
  • Terminal Transfer operations to other terminals

Please note that there are no changes to:

  • AA’s operations at LAX Terminal 4
  • AA’s Regional Terminal
  • AA’s operations at Terminal B (Tom Bradley International Terminal/TBIT)
  • Operations of AA’s Joint Business partners British Airways, Iberia and Japan Airlines (all will continue to operate flights from Terminal B)

In summary, American Airlines operates from the following terminals at LAX:

LAX Terminal Check-in at Please Note
Terminal 4 Terminal 4 International First Class Lounge available for eligible guests. Flagship First Check-In available for eligible guests.
Terminal 5 Terminal 5 Effective January 31, 2017
Terminal 6 Terminal 6 Alaska Lounge available for eligible guests
Terminal B / TBIT Terminal 4 Access Terminal B via TBIT Connector located near Gate 41

Note: American Airlines continues to operate both domestic and international departures from TBIT/Terminal B, particularly during morning hours.

Please double check your departing gate on the day of travel at aa.com/gates. AA team members are in blue vests located throughout the terminals to provide assistance for arriving, departing or connecting customers.

Source: American Airlines